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Our instructors are comprehensively trained by one of the most distinguished teacher training programs in the world, Body Arts and Science International(BASI). Comprehensive certification is the gold standard in the Pilates industry, and ensures that the instructor has the qualifications and training to safely and effectively teach the method. While we encourage and support all other types of exercise, we treat Pilates as its own entity in the studio environment.

Debbie and Karen are life-long friends who both discovered Pilates on their own journeys of health and wellness.

Debbie opened DK Pilates in 2014 to focus on private, duet and small group instruction after several years of teaching at local west side studios. Debbie is a registered nurse and has worked in the area hospitals mainly in the area of Labor and Delivery. Along with her comprehensive certification with BASI Pilates, she also has a specialty certification with The Center for Women"s Fitness for Pre/Postnatal Pilates.

Karen owned and operated a successful studio in Avon, Ohio from 2008-2013 serving a clientele of all fitness backgrounds including area professional athletes and coaches.

Both Debbie and Karen approach their teaching with exceptional knowledge of anatomy and functional movement.

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