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Originally referred to as "Contrology," this mind/body exercise method focuses on precision, alignment, control, and awareness to strengthen and condition the entire body. The Pilates Method encompasses exercises and movements which can be performed on the various apparatus designed by Joseph Pilates (Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, and Barrels). Movements specific to this method are performed with precision, flow, and controlled breath patterns which in turn enhance physical and mental well being. Emphasis on body alignment, increased range of motion, core strengthening and recruitment of deep postural muscles offer dramatic results in body strength, balance and flexibility and improved posture. Joseph Pilates proclaimed his method to be of great benefit ot all body types, ages and levels of fitness. Pilates, when practiced correctly and adhering to the tenets of the method, will yield profound results. The outcome is a stronger body with more focused core awareness, increased balance, greater flexibility and endurance, and greater capability of performing everyday functions with optimum efficiency.
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